The star of the show Olga Ksenia Surkova: “I can’t stand men that do nothing”

Live TNT back the popular project of the inhabitants of the Districts. On weekdays the audience again watching the events from the life of favorite characters. Actress Ksenia Surkova told “StarHit” about working on a new series, with respect to popularity and the ideal choice.

Live TNT returned comic series “Olga” with Yana Troyanova in the title role, dedicated to domestic issues. Ksenia Surkova, who played the daughter of the main character Anna, has shared with “StarHit” the details of the work on the second season of the project, memories from childhood, and has also shed light on the personal life.

— What feelings did you begin work on a new season? I love to work on a role when come to the aid of costume and image. In the case of “Olga” greatly helped the hair that we had to build and paint. As soon as I apply make-up and dress, I immediately “return” to the role. It was invented and delivered in the first season, so as soon as I’ve been on the filming of the continuation of the series, I immediately felt that Anka again with me. How are your relations with Yana Troyanova? Whether it gave advice, professional or personal?It was, of course. But mostly in the first season, when we only “tried” to draft and to each other. Then it was difficult for everyone: the characters were not found until the end, and we nearly “floated” when looking for them. And in the second season we “let go” of the characters, quite often improvised and felt confident. Of course, I accept the help and tips, if they are sensible, but I can’t say that I was guided by somebody. Basically everyone involved in the case, that is character. — How was your childhood?I grew up in a completely different area than Chertanovo. And among other people. So Anya is the complete opposite of me. I, on the contrary, since childhood has always been a busy affair. Have among your friends people who like the “Olga”?Of course. My Anku I “copied” from real friends. With one of the girls that we once studied, I “removed” the inner attitude of the heroine, how it positions itself – an attitude to life, behavior, the flow, the structure of the phrases. In addition, colleagues often showed me videos, where girls talk like my character. I’m still an intelligent lady, and the age difference we have with Anna – 10 years, so it was hard to be like her. Age obliges to behave more seriously. — Would you, on the contrary, to play a heroine in age?Of course! It’s time to play old women. Seriously, is there such a desire. While on the other hand, why hurry? All ahead. But in General, being an actress, I have played a lot like each other images, so I want something more Mature and serious. If offered an interesting script, then I will do it. — As the series “Olga” changed your life? I was happy when I was selected for the role because it’s always interesting when hard. With Anya it was not easy. I put a lot of effort to her image didn’t look cartoonish and it was a live girl. In the movie, it is quite difficult to create a new character, because the designs take on the facial features – similar to so-and-so here and play it. In the case of “Olga” I got a completely unknown character, and I liked it. I do not want to be the same in all the movies, I like to surprise. So due to this role internally, I experienced some lifting: felt can. This is the acting profession: the actor is reincarnated, and the audience believes him and takes it at face value, seeing how the hero lives given the circumstances. Of course, cool when the series in which you’re doing, like the people of different ages, social backgrounds and professions. Watch it, and even call people. We work: to evoke emotion from the audience. Everyone who starred in “Olga”, has posted more than 100 percent. It’s great that this gives the result.— Anna is no different exemplary behavior. Did you have problems in adolescence?No. I always wanted to walk in the yard, but mom since childhood, I “harnessed” the power – one circle, then another, so I constantly worked on myself. To get into trouble, it was just once.— Whether there were in your life cases when you had to be popular? Unlikely. Popularity is not always autographs. Sometimes poking, taking me for Anku and thinking that I was a little girl. It’s not very pleasant, but is part of the profession. Once riding the subway, and nearby stood a young man with a bouquet of roses. Apparently, lucky girl. See that he recognized me and watching. And then comes up and says: “You are a great actress, thank you.” I say, “Oh, how nice!” At the same time, there are moments when I do not really want to be photographed. Each of us lives his life full of challenges and different thoughts. Sometimes you’re in another world, and at this point, I ask about selfies. But you have to reverse itself, so trying to be friendly.— Your character got pregnant at 17. Are you ready to become a mother?The modern world is developing very fast. All my friends five years ago have given birth, not once, and I don’t have yet. I’m not upset because I am convinced all the time. No idea what would happen if I got pregnant at 17. Would be the body, be worried about me or I didn’t care? I think that in this situation it is very important help parents. I wouldn’t want to rush things. Of course, I have career plans, but if you are destined to – have a baby. Between now and then.— What do you prefer doing in your free time?Trying to leave Moscow. It is a city where you can work, but not to rest. The only way to reboot is to go where a lot of beautiful nature. If you have a free time, I dedicate it to yourself, sit and meditate, despite what is happening around. In addition, I love to read and to change the situation. Charged me new emotions, places and people. I can’t sit still. In this regard, I was even a little crazy, traveling is the best restart.— What’s your ideal man?For me the real chosen one, the one who is the way, goals and plans for life. He carries them. While I don’t care when it comes to goals and implements the plan. I want to see this work and attempts. I think that a man can’t be a bum. It needs care and respect in relations with the woman, despite the workload and case. I will never be able to forgive a man’s infidelity – I’m very jealous. And parasitism (laughs). Because I am constantly evolving and moving forward. If there is someone that does nothing, then I immediately want to shoot.— Your heart is now taken?Yes, I have a young man. And all is well. And all what I want!

The series “Olga” is on TNT Monday through Thursday at 20-00.