The star of the show “Happy together” thinking about fourth wedding

The star of the show “Happy together” thinking about fourth wedding

The star of the show “Happy together” actor Victor Loginov has shared details of his personal life.

Viktor Loginov long did not develop a personal life. The actor, whose fans are used to seeing happy and cheerful on screen, in life, was never able to find true happiness. Victor was thrice married, but of these three marriages was not destined to last long.

Exclusive in the program “Morning with Ukraine” the actor admitted that he has no regrets about his past and grateful for the life experience. According to Loginova, he maintains friendly relations with all his ex-wives.

“No children, no mortgage, can’t keep two people together. Only love. Well, it was what it was. We live once, and it is not necessary after a breakup to keep the anger at each other”, — said Viktor Loginov.

The actor said that now he is happy with his new lover, whose name keeps in secret. Loginov has hinted that he even thinks about the wedding with his chosen.

“I’m forty, I want to live. Everything that is in my life is love, children and work. With my sweetheart we met on set. And who knows, maybe a fourth wedding!”, intrigued Viktor Loginov.


Source and photo: tv.ua