The star of the series “Olga” for the first time told about her son’s death

Story characters Yana Troyanova familiar firsthand

The performer of the title role in the TV series “Olga” Yana Troyanova openly talked about his life, a reflection which she repeatedly encountered in the proposed scenarios. The vicissitudes of the life of the character of Olga as familiar to her firsthand.

Seven years ago, she survived the death of her only son Nicholas from her first marriage with Constantine Shirinkina. 20-year-old boy committed suicide in 2010. Once, says the actress, after filming, the actress felt the need to go to the stake in Yekaterinburg. Then she saw her child for the last time. The actress blames the incident on his father’s genes — Shirinkin abused alcohol, cheated on and beaten his wife, writing 7days.ru. Since 2003 Troyanova is the wife of playwright and film Director Vasily sigareva.