The star of “the eagle and Reshka” has changed beyond recognition


Leading “eagle and tails” Lesya Nikityuk has changed a lot lately. Fans noticed that their favorite star was very thin. In this regard, they were concerned about her health and even began to suspect anorexia.
Many fans Lesya Nikityuk worried she may become anorexic. Comparing photos is a leading two years ago and pictures from this time, they saw a huge difference. So in the comments under another picture in Instagram fans asked the girl not to lose weight. They wrote that the status drives them shaking, and kind of skinny legs frustrating, as they remember her figure, which was earlier.
“Not slim, Les, that’s enough”, “Remember your luscious legs in the first season of “heads and tails”, and now the two matches. Upset direct”, “Lesenka, I am afraid that at this rate, you will become anorexic. Do not!!!”, “Les! Be careful with the weight loss!”.