The star of “the battle of psychics” Larin told about the tyranny of the ex-husband – 24???

Clairvoyant Tatyana Larina told the details of the relationship with the former spouse. The star of the show “Battle of psychics” confessed that her husband beat her, informs “StarHit”.

Discussing divorce with your ex-spouse Julius Mydevice-Dalecki, Larina said in an interview with members of the press that “burying past life.” According to the woman, she decided not to leave unpunished the actions of a former lover.

Tatyana Larina | Cosmopolitan “Beat me up”. It lasted a year,” said Tatiana.

As Tatiana says in an interview, she waited for positive changes, but this did not happen. In addition, Larina intends to declare to the police about the violence by ex-spouse.

Many fans believed a couple very harmonious. Larina and Mitkevich-dalecki lived together for two years, but in April 2017 a woman caught her husband in the company of strangers in his house.