The star of “Mr. roboto” got a role in “the Moth”

The star of “Mr. roboto” got a role in “the Moth”

Rami Malek will play with Charlie Hannema in the remake of “the Moth”.

Formed Duo of main characters in a remake of a classic adventure drama, “the Moth” 1973. Charlie Hannema, who will play the character of Steve McQueen joined by Rami Malek. The star of “Mr. Robot” got the role of Dustin Hoffman, reports the website Deadline.

Screenwriter of “the Captives,” Aaron Guzikowski retold in a new way the memoirs of a Parisian petty criminal Henri Charriere (character Hannema), mistakenly sentenced to life imprisonment and sent to the Islands French Guiana. After a series of unsuccessful shoots Carrier is in an impregnable prison island, from which runs with the help of his friend Louis Dega (part of fry).

Dane Michael Noer (“P”) took the directorial post of the project. “Butterfly” will be his English-language debut. The launch in September.


Source and photo: kinomania.ru