The star of “House-2” Marina Mexico again decided to pump up lips

Ex-member of telestroke recently began to return to a natural appearance. But suddenly the girl decided to pump up the lips.

Recently appeared information that the former participant reality show “House-2” Marina Mexico started to return to its natural beauty.

Marina removed the hair extensions and got rid of the unnatural lips. Fans enthusiastically embraced the idea of Mexico, because we all already disgusting to look at victims of plastic operations.

However, after some time, she decided not to return to natural beauty, despite all the positive reviews from fans on this matter. Marina decided to again turn to the specialist again and pump up the lips.

Ex-member believes that her natural lips are too small, and she was already used to a greater extent. In plus, the girl corrected the shape of the cheekbones, highlighting them against the background of the face.