The star of “Gone with the wind” celebrates 100 years

Today, 1 July, – the anniversary is celebrated actress Olivia de Havilland star the world’s first full-length picture of “gone with the wind. The movie star turned 100 years old.

Olivia became famous thanks to his participation in the film adaptation of Margaret Mitchell novel “gone with the wind” where she played the rival of the main character for the heart of Ashley Wilkins.

During his long career Havilland was awarded two Oscars, including for best actress the second plan in “Gone with the wind.

Note that this film, though, and opened Olivia’s world as an actress, but also brought her a lot of frustration. And they were linked with the leadership of Warner Bros. and the role that the actress imposed it in this film. The actress believed that she has grown out of the role of power maidens and capable of more dramatic work. Because of this, she had a scandal with the Studio, which eventually led to litigation. According to the acting contract of those years, the actor had to remain dependent on the Studio even after six months after the termination of the contract, and had almost no chance of getting a role somewhere on the side. De Havilland, in conjunction with the screen actors Guild, won the hearing and thus weakened the influence of the Studio and made more creative freedom.

Note that the peak of glory Olivia came in 1930-1940? years. Today, de Havilland is the last of the Hollywood film star of the 1930-ies.

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Photo: m.kino-teatr.ru

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