The star of “Frankenstein” will star in the movie “the Lone wolf”

The star of “Frankenstein” will star in the movie “the Lone wolf”

Benedict Cumberbatch starred in the Thriller “the Lone wolf” (Rogue Male), sources of the Hollywood Reporter. The film will be an adaptation of the classic Thriller by the English writer Geoffrey Household, who inspired David Morrell the creation of the character John Rambo.

In the bestselling book — the nameless athlete-an Englishman in the spring of 1938 follows an unnamed European dictator in the telescopic sight of a sniper rifle. “Hunting” is just for fun pull the trigger he does not intend. Bodyguards dictator find arrow, tortured and thrown off a cliff, but he survives and takes his feet in England, where he goes hunting: on the trail are not only the agents of the dictator, but also the native police.

For scenario adaptation hudlite seated Michael Leslie (“Macbeth”, “assassin’s Creed”). The Director of the project not yet approved.

The book of Household has experienced two of the film adaptation. In 1941, Fritz lang took “the Hunting man”, where he outlined a dictator is easy schityvaniya the image of Adolf Hitler. In 1976, the same trick did the authors of the TV film with Peter O ‘ Toole in the title role.


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