The star of “Brother” Victor Sukhorukov responded to the accusations of alcoholism – 24???

65-year-old Russian actor Viktor Sukhorukov responded to the accusations of alcoholism. He admitted that for 17 years not drink alcohol, but many people don’t believe him.

In an interview with “StarHit” Sukhorukov said he realized in time that he needs to abandon drinking alcohol. The actor was able to overcome addiction, because he realized that she may have a serious impact on his health.

Viktor Sukhorukov | sobaka.ru

Recall that Viktor Sukhorukov received special prominence due to the role of Victor Bagrov in the movie “Brother.” He also starred in the sequel to the cult drama by Alexei Balabanov. In his filmography there are such famous projects as “hide and seek”, “Paradise”, “Island”.

Previously the protagonist of the film “Brother” Daniel Bagrov has recognized the national Russian superhero. The corresponding vote was held in the community “INTERPOLITEX” in “Vkontakte”.