The star of “Black Lightning” Ivan Zhidkova was born the heir

The actor became a father for the second time

Known to the Russian spectator on films “Dark world”, “Black lightning” and “thunder gate”, the 34-year-old actor Ivan Zhidkov shared with subscribers of his “Instagrama” the good news. “Thank you, my dear! 18.10.17, at 3 a.m., a boy was born Steve, my son”, — he signed the selfie with his wife Lilia Solovieva from the hospital.

Recall that their relationship began just a year ago — after a month of relations Ivan asked her to live together in a country house. Earlier, in 2009, married since Arntgolts, Zhidkova a daughter, Maria, with whom he regularly spends time on the weekends and even takes her along to the shoot and rehearsals.