The star “Exhibit” starred in the new video for “Leningrad”

The next day after the premiere of a clip of group “Leningrad”, “Exhibit”, actress Julia Topol’nitskiy woke up famous.

Now a girl is difficult to separate from the group of Sergey Shnurova. And yet, why do it? Thought the Cord therefore decided to invite Julia to their new video.

The name of the song was shot clip kept secret. The plot of the video, its creators also do not want to make public. We only know that Topol’nitskiy plays a pregnant girl who’s Dating different men — a guide, Manager, driver, employee of management of traffic police and the seller.

The author of the clip was Anna Parmas – Director, who shot almost all the previous clips of the “Leningrad”.

Date of the premiere of the new video has not yet been disclosed.

Source: ura.ru

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