The sons of Gwen Stefani copied tattoo Blake Shelton

Singer Gwen Stefani has demonstrated, the love of his three sons to her chosen one Blake Shelton. This weekend the family went on spring break in Oklahoma, where musicians spent time with children Stephanie from a previous marriage with Gavin Rossdale. On his page in the social network Gwen published fotodokazatelstvo love her sons to her boyfriend.

The picture shows that boys have copied the tattoo Shelton and drew. It is no secret that Blake has replaced their father whom they see less often. It stepfather taught Apollo to ride a bike, he gave a dizzying event in his birthday, the boys go on a private helicopter. And on Christmas morning Blake made them a little private concert, and while he sang, sons of Gwen danced, dressed in the style of Shelton. W whom they see as their example.

Blake is ready to take Kingston, Zuma and Apollo as a family. He was long acquainted with his family and made them part of his extended family. So, they went to visit them in Oklahoma for thanksgiving, and celebrated the New year visiting the sister of Blake.
“Children Gwen I love Blake and think it is mega-cool,” said the insider.
Recall that the children’s father Gavin Rossdale and Gwen divorced in the summer of 2015, learning that he is a long time cheated on her with the nanny of their sons. At the same time, Blake was divorced and his wife is a cheater and Miranda Lambert. The same problem has brought together musicians who were members of the jury of the musical show “the Voice.” Office romance celebrities has turned into a serious relationship, and we lie if we say that don’t expect news about the forthcoming wedding singers.

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