The son of Polina Gagarina growing ladies ‘ man

The singer spoke about children Ivan Urgant

Polina Gagarin became the guest of the program “Evening Urgant”. One of the topics discussed by the singer and presenter was the education of children. According to the artist, the youngest a 5-month-old MIA, in General, deals with her husband Dmitry Iskhakov. But 10-year-old Andrew is his mother’s son. And lately, he presents Pauline, not a few surprises.

As said Gagarin, the son is a real ladies ‘ man. His mobile phone Packed with numbers of girls who throw the boy a message. In place of his beloved there are several contenders. And recently the son, in recognition of Pauline, she dealt a “real blow”, one of the girls he brought home to meet the family. But the singer is not yet ready for the appearance of the bride.