The son of Pink Floyd guitarist married naked

Any wedding is at least several weeks of preparation, finding the perfect places for celebration, the perfect costume, wedding rings and other things.

To deviate from this process, however, play a very interesting wedding, decided the son of Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour Charlie.

Charlie and his fiancée decided to refuse wedding outfits. You probably now thought that the couple went down the aisle, for example, in jeans and t-shirts? But then you made the right decision. The couple decided not to wear any clothes, and to stand before the priest that married in the buff.

The only decor was a young wreaths that adorned their heads.

After the ceremony the couple again in the buff jumped into the water. Photo of the moment captured one of the guests. By the way, invited to the wedding decided to stay in swimwear.

It is fair to say that Charlie previously was not the most appropriate behavior.

The guy repeatedly detained by law enforcement officers were prosecuted for drug use.

Recall, Charlie Gilmour — the adopted son of Pink Floyd guitarist. David Gilmour adopted him after he married the boy’s mother, novelist Polly Samson.

Source: mirror.co.uk kp.ru
Photo: mirror.co.uk

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