The son of Olga Orlova: “In love I am inexperienced comrade”

Artem said “StarHit” why mom stopped to indulge. 16-year-old son of Olga Orlova is not going to soon leave the parental home. He always supports the family and gives them good advice.

This summer the successor of the singer and the leading “House-2” was saturated. In June, 16-year-old Artem was in a sports camp, and now lives in the country with my grandmother. There he spends time with friends, trying to relax, because ahead of a difficult school year. In the summer of 2018 will have to enroll in a higher education institution in which he is still undecided.

“Understand: to be a reprimand”

— Artem, I know you’re seven years old addicted to football. Will soon see you part of our team?Hardly, I’m more attracted economy – want to become a businessman and earn a lot of money to in what does not deny.Artem— And now have a financial limit? Mom probably gives you pocket money…Yes, but I always wondered what to spend. I think, at my age, that’s fine. Of course, we discuss major purchases: phones, tablets. But just like that, without reason pyatitysyachnyj bills I have not showered. Although I wouldn’t mind…Review mom: “…And would spend them on the harmfulness of the type of gummy bears and chocolates. Know son! I don’t give large amount, because he has it all. But the child needs to be any money – you never know what will happen.” — What else do you ban, except for gummy bears?For a long time to play computer games and soda. However, I’m a cunning guy is trying to cheat: buy a soda secret from mom. But sometimes I forget the traces of the crime – I’ll leave the bottle on the bedside table, she notices and calls me: “Tom, come here!” She usually calls me Timochko, and such conversion immediately understand to be a reprimand. But the voice at me, not more, trying to explain calmly what I’m wrong.— You are the only child in the family. Spoil you?Not really, and only now, when the house appeared two children – a Shar-Pei, Bruno, and Italian Greyhound Dina, and even more so. Now mom spoils them. But in General, she raised me on the principle of “everything in moderation”.Mom review: “When the Subject was little, I barely restrained so as not to buy him all the toys in the world. Tried to give what was not in my childhood, because I didn’t grow up in the richest family… When the son became older, I began to ask about certain gifts. Mostly gadgets. Although I would love to bought books for him. But, on the other hand, today’s youth, and reads the iPads, so they have advantages”. In one interview, the mother called you a Prodigy. Like to learn?At all. Of the items I like only math. But I all disciplines of the good: four and five.— How classmates feel about the fact that you are the son of the famous singer?Earlier, at the age of 10, asked for autographs. Now already stopped.— As you and mom love to spend time?Go to the movies, roller skate, walk the dogs together. But only in the evenings, in the morning I have to do this one, what I’m not happy…Review mom: “Before you can have Pets, we immediately agreed that Tom will go out with the dogs before school, and feed them. And he keeps his word, even on the weekends. Well done!” — With whom you have a relationship with mom or dad?Although my father and see him often – visited restaurants, talking with the mother can discuss so much more.— About first love told her?And on first and second and third. Say: that liked a girl and she said “Give the picture to look!” But I don’t show it – it’s too personal. Mom tells date to call, what flowers to give – I’m in this business not too experienced comrade. However, now I have no girlfriend – I.— And what advice would you give?Sometimes, she can’t choose what jacket or skirt to wear and I tell. Although the mother in any outfit beautiful.

“And then well fed”

— What do you do at grandma’s in the country?Hanging out with friends, watching Comedy Club on TNT… AND “House-2” look?No, I love funny transmission, and this is sad. However, some esters have seen, it was interesting how the mother copes with the role of the presenter. I think she has a pretty good. — In two years you’re 18. Want to start an independent life?Probably will stay in the parent nest, as they say, I’m here and well fed.— What is more, beloved mother, Ilya, you have a good, friendly relationship?So, we spend a lot of time together: go to a bathhouse and a movie, go hunting and fishing.— Two years ago, became a close friend of my mother – Zhanna Friske. You supported it in this difficult period?It was hard for her – saw that she was antisocial… I tried to do something nice: gave flowers, was invited to the restaurant. Just spoke kind words, how strong she is, I love her… Want her to understand that I’m always here.