The son of Nicolas cage was arrested for driving under the influence

Musician Weston cage, the son of Hollywood actor Nicolas cage, who has vowed to stop drinking after the birth of his first child, broke his promise and was arrested for driving under the influence. He not only got behind the wheel in an alcohol intoxication, he also tried to escape from the police and made them good for a run. It happened in February of this year, but soon will be the trial of Weston, and he actually faces a year in prison.

According to police, the level of alcohol in the blood of the son of a celebrity exceeded the norm twice.
In the beginning of the year, cage the younger has got in road accident at San Fernando. Then he left the fake insurance and fled the scene before police arrived. It is also the young man will have to answer in court.
This is not the first problem of the musician with the law. During his first marriage with Nikki Williams in 2011, he was convicted of domestic violence, but the charges he managed to escape. Now he is married to Danielle cage, with whom he has three sons.
Previously Weston said in an interview that the birth of his son changed his life.
“He saved my life, because as soon as I looked at him, I realized that I no longer want to drink alcohol. For a year I don’t drink” he told Weston about his son in 2015.

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