The son of Mohammed Ali threw his wife and children because of the inheritance

Big money corrupts people and turns into a greedy selfish characters who won’t stop to steal a little more. The son of the legendary Muhammad Ali, Muhammad Ali Jr., left his wife and children, not to share with them 80 million as the deceased father.

Recall that all nine children Boxing legends, and his widow, Lonnie was found in California on June 28 to divide property and finances earned their legendary relative. All children, and that seven daughters of Mohammed, his above mentioned son and the adopted child (now grown up) will receive an equal share of the inheritance. After this information, calculate how much he will get, Muhammad Ali Jr. left his wife Shaakira and two children Amir and Shakir 8 and 7 years, respectively, in Chicago, where they lived, and moved to California, where he plans to start life with a clean slate and a new legacy money.
“He has not forgotten about his wife and children. He recently sent them $ 75 to Shakira bought the kids shoes and imagine something beautiful, and he is going to open a trust Fund for their children. Myself Mohammed Jr. is going to do charity work and help people. He himself does not need much, he’s a simple dude,” said a friend of Mohammed reporters.
Recall that Mohammed Ali Sr. died June 3 at age 74. He has long suffered from Parkinson’s disease.

Source: http://radaronline.com
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