The son of Elena Korikova have upset your mother, violating the law

Looking at the actress Elena Korikova hard to believe that she has a child who is more than 10 years.

The star of “Poor Nastia” has a son Arseniy, who at the moment is 23. Last weekend, the guy is a little upset mommy and encountered problems with the legitimate. Arsenii was deprived of the license because of driving while intoxicated.

“We celebrated the birthday of a friend. Persuaded – he was led, waved a pair of glasses for the health of the companion. At the end of the night I thought that all had time to erode, – said a friend of the guy press. – On the way home as luck would have it braked. Started to check documents. Senya did not resist. But one guard suddenly said, “why do You have red cheeks? Come to us in the car!” Here korikov realized that nowhere to go. Of course, I tried jokes to talk to the inspector to not take the test. But the law will not disappoint. For refusing “to breathe into a tube” Arsenii was deprived of the license for a year and six months. Plus a fine of 30 thousand rubles.”

Source: dni.ru
Photo: dni.ru

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