The son of Ciara’s calls Russell Wilson dad

Nightmare rapper future has become a reality. His son future Jr., which gave birth to the singer Ciara, calls the father of her new husband, NBA star Russell Wilson.
On his page on Facebook newlyweds posted a video in which two-year-old refers to them “mommy” and “daddy Russell”, extorting a kiss.

One can only imagine the reaction of a proud future, which will see that his son calls the father of another man and that this fact is posted for all to see.
The relationship between parents f younger and so not the best. We still remember the rapper as opposed to the relationship, Ciara and Russell. Now they are husband and wife, and a future left behind.
Recall that Ciara gave birth to a son, as a bride-to-be rapper, but before the wedding, it never came – she found out about the numerous adventures of the groom, including that he cheated on her with the wardrobe mistress at the time, she had his son. This betrayal crossed their future together. But maybe it was for the best. In the person of Russell, as the singer admits, she met her perfect man.

Source: http://www.tmz.com
Photo: http://www.eurweb.com

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