The son of Andrei Makarevich became a designer

If you don’t like what is sold in stores of the mass market, if you have in mind is eating a lot of ideas about how to do something creative and interesting, then get on it and become a designer. Most likely, such thoughts swirled in the mind of the son of the singer and composer Andrey Makarevich, Ivan.

The guy sygravshie son Sasha White kinopropagandy “Brigade”, decided to try their hand in fashion and created her own clothing line, which contains as many as 45 items.

According to the guy, this decision (to create his own clothes) he pushed that he was just nothing to wear, because the clothes in the stores he did not like: “I decided to do it himself. Made sketches and found suitable fabric, invented the signature stitch, which coats, hoodies, shorts, t-shirts and jeans sit perfectly on the figure.”

Source: russianshowbiz.info

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