The soloist of group “Bi-2” face deportation in Israel

The soloist of group “Bi-2” Yegor Shroud, more commonly known as Lev, faces deportation. The other day the rocker was arrested for drug possession, and he had to spend the night at the police station.

Now the singer who is a citizen of Israel, threatened with deportation. Leva is located in Russia thanks to a visa-free regime between the countries, but here it brought a criminal case and charged with “trafficking narcotics”.
As previously reported, the Lev was detained at attempt to pass on the match “Spartak” “Terek”. During the search he found about 0.5 grams of drugs, presumably marijuana. The shroud face a fine of 5 thousand rubles and deprivation of liberty for fifteen days, besides, he faces deportation. And this on the eve of a large-scale tour of the band “Bi-2”! Part of the concerts scheduled on the territory of Russia can not take place.

Source: https://dni.ru
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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