The sixth season of the TV series “Werewolf” will be the final

The sixth season of the TV series “Werewolf” will be the final

The sixth season of the youth drama “the Werewolf”, filmed on the motives of the feature film, 1985’s “teen Wolf” with Michael J. Fox. Fox in the lead role, will be final.

The news during the annual panel at the exhibition Comic-Con 2016 in San Diego said the producers and actors of the series. The drama will return in November 2016 on MTV with twenty new episodes and will be completed in 2017, the centennial series. This publication reports The Hollywood Reporter.

“Werewolf” was an incredible adventure that captured the hearts and imaginations of fans even more than we expected. Not enough words to Express how much we thank them for the support they’ve shown for six years. We love to go bold with our fans in one final mind-blowing journey,” – said in his statement, showrunner of the series, Jeff Davis.

Thursday, July 21, and show, including Tyler Posey, Holland Roden, Dylan, Sprayberry, Cody Christian and Kylene Rumbaugh, came to the festival in San Diego for the seventh time. Ian Bowen and Jaar Bourne appeared in public in suits of new villains show – the Ghost Riders. Also was presented a new trailer for the final season.


Source and photo: kinonews.ru