The singer Shura is not allowed in the stalls of the theatre “New Opera”

The famous singer Shura quarreling in the theater “New Opera”. And all because of the fact that he was not allowed in the stalls on their own place, a ticket for which was in his hands.

According to the rules of the theater, as learned later, the Shura, after the third call to the stalls is not allowed. The singer insists that at the time of dispute with an employee of the theatre, the play has not even started, and it was only in its principles.
“The third bell rang, and I was not allowed into the hall. Said the light is turned off, and thus the play began, and offered to go to the balcony. But how is this so? Who invented this?” — outraged the singer. Obviously, one spectator theater “New Opera” is already lost forever.

Source: http://russianshowbiz.info
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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