The series “Voronin” was in the Guinness Book of records – 24???

Russian TV series “Voronin” – the longest of the adapted television series in the world. This allowed the film to enter the Guinness Book of records, reports TASS.

Official representative of the organization has recorded a record 455 filming of the third episode of the series. As you know, November 16, 2009, they released the first episode of the tape. For nine years, was shown the 20 seasons and shot of the movie 455 series.

Still from the TV series “Voronin” | out Loud

At various times, the characters in the movie have become famous actors and famous representatives of Russian show-business. The new season follows the adventures of the characters in the movie in the city of Sochi. In the filming of the new series featured Ekaterina Volkova, George Dronov, S. Doinikov, Boris Klyuyev and other representatives of the Russian cinema.

“Voronin” – the first adaptation of the American TV series “everybody loves Raymond”.