The series “Turn”, 4th season: the Revolution will end soon

The series “Turn”, 4th season: the Revolution will end soon

Revolution on channel AMC has not yet ended, but already close to final.

The leadership network has officially renewed the historical drama “Turn” (TURN) on the fourth season, which, unfortunately, will be the series last. The story of Abe Woodhull, together with his friends organized espionage organization, “the Culper Ring”, three years collected at the screens of the audience, indifferent to historical dramas with political overtones. During his stay on small screens “Turn” managed to touch on many important topics, as in his statement referred to the President for development and production of the channel AMC Joel Stillerman.

“Before the “Turn” was always a lofty goal — to tell the truth about the American revolution and the choice is simple people, which they have done in the name of their country. Quite often, the series dealt with the theme of betrayal of friends and family, and the heroes always had to risk it. Team drama introduced viewers to the organization of the “Culper Ring”, which became a reminder that without spies, the war could get a very different outcome. We look forward to the completion of this story about to change, the resistance and the victims of the great in the fourth season,” said Stillerman.

The fourth season of “Turn” will consist of ten episodes that will be released next year.


Source and photo: lostfilm.tv