The series “Threads of fate”: actors, roles, release date and trailer – 24???

14 August 2017 on the channel “Russia 1” starts showing 40-series film “Threads of destiny” Director group Alexander Timenko, Mary Tkachova and Eva Strelnikova. The series is an adaptation of the South Korean sitcom “the glass Slipper for Cinderella”. In the picture played popular artists: Mila Sivickaja, Eugene Rozanov, Denis Vasiliev, Oleg GaAs, Valery Afanasiev, Olga Sumska and others.

The plot of the movie “Threads of destiny” tells the story of two sisters, left the child fatherless. The fate of divorced girls in different families. For many years Katia and Olga had not seen each other. Met again, as adults, the girls become rivals in love. Who will win the heart of handsome Vadim – will soon see. Heroine will encounter intrigue, family secrets, betrayal and other tests.

Actors and the role of the series “Threads of fate” – in the material edition 24???.

Mila Sivaca (Olya, Sasha)
The series “Threads of fate”: actress Mila Selacka in the role of Ollie (Sashi) | starbom.com

After the death of her mother, sisters Olga and Katya are losing the only loved one – his father. The neighbor calls child protective services. Children run away and go in search of his grandfather, whom never seen before. While searching for Olga hit by a car. Perpetrators of the accident to conceal the crime, take the wounded Olya in your house.

The main role in the series “Threads of destiny” played by Mila Sivaca. Despite her young age, the actress has already acted in 24 films. For the first time appeared on the screen in 2008 in the film “the Genius of empty space” of the Ukrainian Director Anatoly Mateshko. Played in the popular Russian TV series “Faith, Hope, Love” with Dmitry Kharatyan, Maria Poroshina and Alisa Grebenschikova in the lead roles. Mila is the star of the Ukrainian TV. The program was conducted “Carefully, children” on “the First channel”. Champion of Ukraine in ballroom dancing Championships.

Eugene Rozanov (Katya)
The series “Threads of fate”: the artist Eugene Rozanov in the role of Katya | tv.ua

Katya, unlike sister-hangers in someone else’s house, lives comfortably in the family of his grandfather. Eugene Poltava – the owner of a large clinic “global”. Kate is a rich heiress. The girl is in love with Vadim. Caring for Sasha, Vadim cracks under the pressure of Katie and becomes her lover.

In the role of Katya was made by the star of Russian TV serial “Survive after” Eugene Rozanov. Debut of the actress in the movie took place in the TV series “Univer” in 2008. Known to audiences for his roles in the films “Zemsky doctor. Return”, “Pearl wedding”, “Bride from Moscow”. Plays in the “Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya”. Now Evgeniya Rozanova starred in the film “this never happens”.

Denis Vasiliev (Vadim)
The series “Threads of fate”: actor Denis Vasiliev in the role of Vadim | vokrug.tv

Vadim met with the girls, Katya and Olga in the childhood. Once Dimitri and the girls saved him from bullies. He is a grown man. In love with him two sisters. Who gets the heart of a hero?

Russian actor Denis Vasiliev, who played in the TV series “the thread of fate” Vadim, was released for the first time on stage in 12 years. At the movies – from 2006 (“Flowers for the snow Queen”). Viewers said the young actor in the role of the Komsomol leader Viktor Solovyov in the TV series “Once in Rostov”. High praise from critics and the public received the work of Denis Vasiliev’s film series “diary of a mother-in-law”. Played in the popular movie “Black cat”. Now the artist involved in the project “Cruel world of men”.

Oleg GaAs (Vanya)
The series “Threads of fate”: the actor Oleg Haas in the role of Vanya | mail.ru

Vanya is hopelessly in love with Sasha. Girl feels for him, only friendship. In Vadim guy sees his opponent. Rebellious character guy brings it in the ring: Vanya takes part in the fighting without rules.

Vanya the film actor “the Moscow art theatre. A. Chekhov” Oleg GaAs. The actor starred in 11 films. Known to audiences for her role of Ignat Kalinin in the Russian-Ukrainian crime drama “the Favorite teacher”. Played in the movie “Letters on glass”, “Complete conversion”, “C-2”. Now Oleg Haas starred in the films “Crazy fate”, “Secrets of the city “EN” the”, “still”.

Valery Afanassiev (Eugene Poltava)
The series “Threads of fate”: actor Valery Afanassiev as Eugene Poltava | starbom.com

Eugene – grandfather of Kate and Oli, the doctor. Kate, once home to a rich relative, feel cold. The girl cannot forgive Poltava refusing to help dying of leukemia Dmitry.

Eugene Poltava in the series “Threads of fate” played a people’s artist of Russia Valery Afanassiev. In movie played 187 roles. The most famous pictures of Poltava: “midshipmen, forward!” (Yagupov), “Mikhailo Lomonosov” (Thomas), “Moscow Saga” (Georgy Zhukov), “Death to spies” (Gen. Polunochenko). Recent work by Valery Afanasyev: “the Hotel Eleon”, “Temptation”, “the Double solid-2”, etc.

Kirill Zhandarov (Dmitry)
The series “Threads of fate”: actor Kirill Zhandarov as Dmitry | ruskino.ru

Dmitri after the death of his wife was left with little Katya and Olya newborn on his hands. At work and with family matters, he takes no notice of incipient health problems. When he learns that is sick with leukemia, it’s late. The girls are orphans.

Actor Kirill Zhandarov, who played in the series “Threads of fate” father Oli and Kati, known as the artist of two famous theatre companies: “the theatre” and the theater of Roman Viktyuk. Filmography of the actor includes 66 works in the movies. For the first time appeared on the screen in 2003 in the film Dmitry svetozarova “Three colors of love”. Cyril Jandarova fame brought the role of Dima Bulychev in a popular serial “the Milkmaid from hatsapetovki”. Viewers like artist for the role of max in the TV series “all-taki I love…” and Eugene in the film “Breathe me”. Recently Cyril a lot of work in the Ukrainian projects.

Anna Adamovich (Lisa)
The series “Threads of fate”: actress Anna Adamovich in the role of Lisa | ruskino.ru

Lisa is the main schemer. Her family had once led Sasha. As an adult, and knew the life story of girls, Lisa tries to gain the trust of Kate and pretend to be Olga. The intrigue fails: Katya for a long time, sure that Lisa is her sister.

The young Ukrainian actress Anna Adamovich starred in the series “Threads of fate” in the role of intriguer Lisa. In the movie first appeared in 2007 in the film “Main catch”, the Then 14-year-old Anna is lucky enough to be sharing the set with the masters Ekaterina Vasilyeva, Alexander by Semcesen, Maria Poroshina. Young actress known to audiences for his films “the Battle of Sevastopol”, “the Clan of jewelers”, “Favorite teacher”, “Jamaica”. Currently, Anna Adamovich involved in the project “Maksym OSA”.

The series “Threads of fate” – official trailer (video):