The series “the Walking dead” may become a feature film

A series about love and devotion go by the wayside when the air show “the Walking dead”. For many serialopen history created by Robert Kirkman, has become one of the favorite, because future plans shoranur Scott Gimple about creating a feature film they embraced with full enthusiasm.

Gimple has assured fans that “the Walking dead” series is totally unpredictable, but in the end the audience can expect a big surprise in the form of a film. Note that the duration of the series in 90 minutes of happy common because talking about the creation of movie sound is not so untrue.

“This question comes up again and again. I’m sure it will happen, and it would be cool.”

The movie version of “the Walking dead” is expected and the starring Andrew Lincol. The actor in an interview said that “it would be great to play with the form, time and chronology, and perhaps to bring back old characters that are no longer in the series. Definitely, with this format you can do something unusual and ambitious”.

Source: popcornnews.ru
Photo: Film.ru

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