The series “the laws of the wolf” renewed for a second season

The series “the laws of the wolf” renewed for a second season

TV channel TNT has officially announced the renewal of its latest crime drama “the laws of the wolf” (Animal Kingdom) — for a second season.

The series, whose creators were inspired by the eponymous Australian film, David Michaud, was launched in mid-June and immediately attracted the attention of the audience with their dark but powerful story, colorful characters and brilliant acting of all participants in the basic structure, headed by Ellen barkin.

The extension was commented by the representative of the network’s Sarah Aubrey: “Animal Kingdom has set a new tone for dramatic projects TNT and directed us exactly to the area that we were planning to develop. I am confident that our strategy of working with highly skilled talent will continue to successfully pay off”.

Recall that the plot of the series revolves around a young man who, after the death of his mother moved to his grandmother Smurf (barkin) is the matriarch of a criminal clan. Jay has to adapt to the new circumstances, in parallel gaining the trust of its numerous relatives, and in the meantime the criminal life gradually draws him into his net…

First released episodes of the Animal Kingdom have earned not a record, but steady ratings: on average, every new series I watched 1.2 million people.


Source and photo: lostfilm.tv