The series “the Last ship” will be a fourth season

The series “the Last ship” will be a fourth season

“The last ship” (The Last Ship) is ready for a new voyage. In the press tour of television critics Association (TCA) the channel guide TNT has announced that post-apocalyptic Thriller will return with the fourth season.

While the audience had the opportunity to see only half of the episodes of the third season. The situation in the series is tense to the limit, so that captain Chandler and his team have a very easy. Performing this role Eric Dane has previously said: “We know what the situation will be my character in the beginning of the fourth Chapter. We even have an idea of how it should look like the first five seasons of the show”.

The fifth season for “the Last ship” is a question not yet officially resolved. However, the series continues to show good ratings: each episode of the third Chapter gathers at screens on average of 2.2 million viewers.

The new season of The Last Ship will consist of 13 episodes.


Source and photo: lostfilm.tv