The series “the Birth of the mafia” will return with a second season in July

The series “the Birth of the mafia” will return with a second season in July

Portal the Series Finale in a hurry to please fans of the series “the Birth of the mafia” (The Making of The Mob), who for almost a year waiting for the return of her beloved show. TV channel AMC has finally named the date of the beginning of the show the second season of their gangster stories — July 11, 2016.

New season, dubbed “the Birth of the mafia: Chicago” (The Making of The Mob: Chicago), will take viewers to the beginning of the last century and will plunge into the world’s most famous mobster al Capone. The official synopsis reads: “Events continue to affect a good half of the XX century and begins with the new York criminal career of gangster. Then, viewers will travel to Chicago, where the future legend will start to turn dirty underground work under the guidance of a mentor and older friend. With the adoption of prohibition Chicago gang will rush to the market share of illegal alcohol, and the team Capone decides to snatch the big jackpot… Ruthless violence and the exorbitant liberties, and the growing increase in the influence of Capone, will cause the real anger of the head of state Herbert Hoover, who will not hesitate to retaliate”.

A lot of screen time the creators of the show took under documentary footage — archive footage, interviews with historians and heirs of the protagonists. the Second season, like the first, will consist of eight episodes.

Recall that the first Chapter of the series, “Birth of the mob: new York” (The Making of The Mob: New York), enjoyed great success with the audience — taking into account delayed viewing each new episode watched by an average of 1.5 million people.


Source and photo: lostfilm.tv