The series “Student”: actors and roles – 24???

25 September 2017, the First channel starts the premiere of the eight-serial crime drama “straight a” Director Oksana Karas. The film is set in 1958. The storyline sometimes gets the characters into the past — during the war years.

The main heroine of the series “Student” is a young criminologist Maria Krapivina, just graduated from University and starting working life in CID. The girl will investigate not only the intricate criminal cases, but also to look for a traitor in the ranks of their colleagues.

In the series “the Student” are gathered a great cast. Viewers will certainly be glad to meet again with Jana Smooth, Nikita Efremov, Taisiya Vilkova and others will Appreciate the work of the “old guard” Igor Sklar, Elena Rufanova, Yelena Koreneva.

Actors and the role of the series “Student” — in the material edition 24???.

Yana Gladkikh (Maria Krapivina)
The series “Student”: actress Yana Gladkikh as Maria Krapivina | rg.ru

Maria Krapivina — novice to expert-the criminalist. After graduating from the law faculty of Leningrad University, the girl falls on the distribution Department experienced a rough opers. First day brings Masha disappointment. Withdrawal of the new work the girl holds interest in a criminal case.

Yana Gladkikh, who played a major role in the series “the Student”, made her film debut in 2007 in a cameo role in the crime drama “Cruel.” In the same year the young actress was invited for the lead role in the TV series “the Stepmother”. The audience remembered Jan Smooth in the role of the pupil in the movie “heavenly court” with Mikhail Porechenkov and Konstantin Khabensky in the main roles. In 2015, the actress starred in the crime film “the Town”, a work which received a high rating.

Nikita Efremov (Swedes)
The series “Student”: actor Nikita Efremov the role Shvedova

Swedes — the head of the investigation Department, which works Krapivina. Maria believes the head of the uncouth brute and one begins to suspect that the Swedes — a traitor. Doubts do not interfere with the young CSI to fall in love with the chief.

Nikita Efremov starred in the series “Student” Shvedova. Fame with the public to Nikita Efremov came with the role of pilot Andrey Grivtsova in the Ukrainian film “the Bomber” in 2011. In the same year, the actor starred in the youth series “the Eighties”. The audience praised the work of Nikita Efremov in films 2015 “the Quiet don” (Mitka Korshunov) and “Londongrad. Know ours!” (Misha Kulikov). Now the actor is removed from Vladimir Kott in “the Commander of the North star” in the role of Seeds Chelyuskin.

Taisiya Vilkova (Guta)
The series “Student”: Taisiya Vilkova actress in the role of Guti | ovideo.ru

Guta — best friend Mary. For her investigation of the crime — a fascinating game. Gut takes patronage over a friend: helps Masha to calculate the mole in the Department and also gives advice on how to win the heart Shvedova.

Taisiya Vilkova, who starred in “the Student” the girlfriend of the main character, known to viewers for her role Vasilisa Babycino in a Comedy series “Deffchonki”. In 2013, the young actress starred in the popular TV series “Vangelia”. Today filmography Taisia has 22 roles in the movie. Among the best known Matryona Rasputin in the historical film “Gregory R.”, Zina in the dramatic Saga “Fartsa”, snowboarder Ekaterina Ilyukhina in the sports drama “Champions”.

Alexander Yatsenko (Petrov)
The series “Student”: actor Alexander Yatsenko in the role of Petrova | kino-teatr.ru

Captain Petrov — member of the CID, the gruff, experienced detective. Guta reserved his candidacy for Masha Petrova in the event of the failure of the relationship with Shvedova. Mary’s heart “breaks” between Petrov and Shvedova.

Alexander Yatsenko for the first time on the silver screen appeared in 2001 in the film “the Service of happiness.” Only artist played more than 50 roles in movies. Fame Yatsenko brought one of the first works in film role in the romance of Bakhtiyor khudoinazarov “Chic”. The popularity of the actor began with the role of filmmaker Yegor Myachina in the movie “the Thaw” Valery Todorovsky. Another famous work of Alexander — the Emperor Peter III in the historical TV series “Ekaterina”.

Vladimir Mishukov (“Buffet”)
The series “Student”: actor Vladimir Mishukov in the role of “Canteen” | kino-teatr.ru

The “Buffet” is the first investigation Maria Krapivina. Mary removes fingerprints, “bar”, caught robbing a Church. Later, when the “Buffet” discourage police accomplices, Mary gets in a gunfight and is on the verge of death.

Vladimir Mishukov, who played in the TV series “Valedictorian” of a gangster named “bar”, known primarily as a member of the Union of photographers of Russia. Played 25 roles in movies. The audience liked the role of Boris Dolgov in detective Maxim Vasilenko “Crime”. Now Vladimir Mishukov involved in the film project “A. L. J. I. P” and “Guest”.

Igor Sklyar (Krapivin)
The series “Student”: actor Igor Sklyar in the role Krapivina | ruskino.ru

Krapivin is the father of Maria Krapivina. During the investigation of the case “Buffet” Maria learns that his father was before the war a lawyer “Buffet”. Digging deeper into the life story of bandit, a young criminologist learns that she is the adopted daughter Krapivina and “buffet” — it is close.

Igor Sklyar — star Soviet Russian stage and film actor, people’s artist of Russia. The audience began to recognize the actor in the role of an engineer Kostik in the musical Comedy “take care of women.” Starring role of Igor Sklyar — head jazz band Kostya Ivanov in the film by Karen Shakhnazarov “We’re from jazz”. The company set the actor to Alexander Pankratov-Cherny, Nicholas Averushkin, Peter Shcherbakov, Elena Tsyplakova, etc. Famous paintings with the participation of Igor Sklyar: “Children of Monday” “the first circle”, “Family album”.

Martins, Wilson (Kohout)
The series “Student”: actor Martin Wilson in the role of Kohout | kino-teatr.ru

A Professor from the Czech Republic Kohout explains Maria real value wanted figurines. During the investigation, the expert is convinced that the Kohout hunts for missing statues, as “buffet”, and “mole” from CID.

Kohout in the series “the Student” played Martins Wilsons. Latvian actor became widely popular in the USSR, starring in a detective film “Mirage”. Another known role of Wilsons Victor in the film of Peter Todorovsky “intergirl”. The actor plays both in Latvian and in Russian paintings, the most famous of which — “Beautiful life”, “son of the father”, “How I became Russian”, etc. Now the artist is busy in the Russian-Latvian project “Grandfather, which is more dangerous to your computer.”

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