The series “Sons of anarchy” will be a spin-off

The TV series “Sons of Anarchy” will be continued”, however, it will not be another season where we are shown a new weave of fate bikers, and a separate project where the protagonists will be the bikers of the group the Mayans Motorcycle Club.

Shooting spin-off series, which will be called “Mayans MC” to begin in March 2017. When the TV story will be presented to the audience, not specified.

Note that strictly from the “Sons of Anarchy” series will not differ, because for its creation came from Kurt Sutter. Just in the new Mayans MC will be reduced by the amount of main characters.

Sutter said that the Mayans MC promises to be a brutal and bleak family drama, where the audience will be shown already familiar story of the “Sons of Anarchy”, however, on the other hand, the eyes of the Latin American group.

Kurt promises in the spin-off a completely different rhythm, a unique style of narration.

Will the new series to star actors, known for “Sons of Anarchy”, not reported. But it is believed that the probability of return of Charlie Hannema and his colleagues is extremely small.

Source: popcornnews.ru
Photo: Sons Of Anarchy

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