The series “Richter”: actors, roles, release date and trailer – 24???

American TV series “house MD” is recognized as one of the most commercially successful television projects. There is a mix of cynicism and charm of the main character, a couple of love intrigues and medical diagnoses, the definition of which is more like an investigation, not of traditional medicine.

In Russia filmed a “Dr. house” — the official adaptation of the series called “Dr. Richter”. The creators made it as reliable and familiar to the Russian audience. In the picture we use modern equipment, which can be seen at any clinic, and instead of the famous “vicodin,” Dr. take “tramadol”.

Trailer for the Russian remake of “Dr. house” blew up the Network, but so far not as was expected by the creators. At the moment the number of marks “I don’t like” significantly exceeds “likes”. Actors and the role of the series “Dr. Richter” in the material edition 24???.

Alexei Serebryakov (doctor Richter)
The series “Richter”: actor Alexey Serebryakov in a role of Dr. Richter | rtr-vesti.ru

Dr. Richter, head of the medical-diagnostic Department, a talented physician and an outstanding teacher. Its positive qualities are hidden behind a mask of cynicism and skepticism in matters of human relationships. “Everybody lies” — says his American counterpart. Richter suffers from pain in the hip, which uses a cane and often is in a bad mood.

The main role in the TV series “Dr. Richter” was played by actor Alexei Serebryakov. The world fame he got after the release in 2014 of the film Andrei Zvyagintsev’s “Leviathan”. Serebryakova’s cinematic career began with the movie “the Fan” and “Afghan breakdown”, followed by roles in the film, “a measure”, the TV series “Gangster Petersburg”, the film adaptation of “BAJAZET” by Valentin Pikul. Some of the most famous works of the artist: “the Apocalypse Code”, “9 Rota”, “stopping power”.

Dmitry Entaltsev (Vladimir Kalinin)
The series “Richter”: actor Dmitry Entaltsev (right) | rtr-vesti.ru

Vladimir Kalinin is a surgeon, working under the guidance of doctor Richter. He rarely responds to the insults of the diagnostician, has a well-balanced disposition. Vladimir comes from a wealthy family physician that also provides an occasion for jokes Richter.

Charismatic actor Dmitry Entaltsev played the role of Vladimir Kalinin. His career began with the infamous “Nord-OST”. Starred in the films “Code of honor”, “Law and order”, “dudes”, “Curious George”. All-Russia popularity Entaltsev received after post-apocalyptic Thriller “Survive after” in which he played the role of a wealthy party animal and pet girls. Recent projects with the participation of Dmitry: “Horoscope for good luck”, “Fugitive family” and “Patent”.

Polina Chernyshova (Olga Khodasevich)
The series “Richter”: actress Polina Chernyshova in the role of Olga Khodasevich | sub-cult.ru

Olga Khodasevich — immunologist investigating the team of Richter’s most difficult medical cases. The young girl’s feelings erupt to the middle-aged Dr. Richter. Even his cynicism and rudeness does not repel Olga — she sees under armor caring and gentle heart.

The fragile role of Olga was played by the actress Polina Chernyshova. The girl is known to audiences for her role in the TV series “the Quiet don” of the film Director Sergei Ursulyak. In the film adaptation of the novel by Mikhail Sholokhov took part Daria Ursulyak and Sergey Makovetsky. Chernyshov has played a major role – Aksinya Astakhov. Recent work with her participation — “the Legend of Kolowrat” and “Angels die twice.”

Paul Chinarov (Ruslan Egorshin)
The series “Richter”: actor Paul Chinarov in the role of Ruslan Egorshina | teleprogramma.pro

Ruslan Egorshin — neurologist, team Richter. He’s smart, calculating and not afraid to defend their opinion, which differs from the views of the leadership. His organizational skills and professionalism will soon be reflected in the career.

The role of the neurologist Ruslan Egorshina played by actor Paul Chinarov. After several episodic roles in the cult TV series Chinarov played in the movie “Cloth Union”. He got the image of “rolling-intellectual”. In March 2016, was released Thriller “Route, built” with the participation of Pavel and Svetlana Ustinova.

Anna Mikhalkov (Dr. Nicholas)
The series “Richter”: actress Anna Mikhalkov in a role of Dr. Nikol | spletnik.ru

Dr. Nikol — endocrinologist and head of the clinic. A woman appreciates Richter as a diagnostician, brilliantly cope with their work. But often between it and a subordinate conflicts Richter refuses to perform the normal work of the doctor-diagnostician, and deals only with medical cases that are beyond all limits. Between the characters over time, there is a love connection, Nicholas and Richter from his youth attracted to each other.

The role of Dr. Nicholas in the TV series “Dr. Richter” was performed by the actress Anna Mikhalkova. The daughter of Nikita Mikhalkov’s early career as an actress as the heroine of the documentary film “Anna. From 6 to 18”. Starred in the films “the Barber of Siberia”, “playing the victim”, “one”, “Live and remember”. Mikhalkov has played with Michael Porechenkov in the film “Contact,” with Yana Troyanova in the tragicomedy of “Kokoko”, film Director Rezo Gigineishvili “Love with accent” disaster movie “Icebreaker” and many other projects.

Vitaly Haev (Rodionov)
The series “Richter”: actor Vitaly Haev the role of a Rodionova | kino-teatr.ru

Rodionov — oncologist, one of the few friends of Dr. Richter. The doctor looks for in patients positive qualities, trying to convince them of the diagnostician. But attempts are futile — on the contrary, Richter and Rodionov sometimes the bettors, cheating the patient of doctors in the preparation of the history.

Rodionova role in “Dr. Richter” went to Vitaly Huevo. The actor made his film debut in the movie “the Place on earth.” Bright cinematic work Haewa: “playing the victim”, “Translator”, “Enemy number one”. In 2015, the screens out the sitcom “How I became Russian” Alexandra Ursulyak in the title role. One of the striking works of Vitaly — the role of police major Nevolina in “Orleans”.

Maria Mironova (Natasha)
The series “Richter”: actress Maria Mironova in a role of Natasha | mail.ru

Natasha — the former civil wife of Dr. Richter, a successful lawyer. She’s involved in the show as an expert advising the hospital on legal issues. Some problems arise because of the inability of the head of the diagnostic Department to compromise. Marriage of Natasha and Richter has long disintegrated, but in their dialogues still felt the innuendo and care about each other.

The role of Natasha in the TV series “Dr. Richter” was played by the actress Maria Mironova. The daughter of actor Andrei Mironov and actress Catherine Hail played his first role in the movie “the adventures of Tom Sawyer”. In 2000 he played in the drama “Russian revolt” and the tragicomedy of Paul Lungina “Wedding”. A big success was the film “the Oligarch”, where Maria played in doubles with Vladimir Mashkov. Starred in the film adaptation of the novel by Boris Akunin “the State Counsellor”, the films “starring” and “death of the Empire”.

The series “Richter” — official trailer (video):