The series “Good intentions”: actors and roles – 24???

18 September 2017 on the channel “Russia 1” starts showing the Russian-Ukrainian TV series “Good intentions” created by the creative team of Director Sergei Borchukov. In the film, played by audience favorite artists Dmitry Orlov, Valery Afanassiev, Glafira Tarhanova, Olga Grishina, etc.

Romance story about life, troubles and joys of the family Firsov from a small town of Zaozersk. Children Firsova Sr. uneasy destiny: the eldest son Simon is trying to keep his beloved wife, middle daughter Natalia in the family is also not going smoothly, and youngest daughter Julia is a problem for relatives.

Actors and the role of the series “Good intentions” — in the material edition 24???.

Valery Afanassiev (Firsov, Sr.)
The series “Good intentions”: actor Valery Afanassiev Firsova the role of Sr. | russia.tv

Firsov-senior — the head of a large family of Zaozersk. It is not only the owner of the house, but in his home town. And the family, and the city tries to be a good and fair master.

Valery Afanassiev, who played a major role in the series “Good intentions,” the Russian star series. The collection of 187 works of the actor roles in the movie. For the first time on screen the actor appeared in 1971 in the film “Bright river Uzdizanje”. The audience noticed Afanasyev in the adventure film “midshipmen, forward!” (Yagupov) and the historical drama “Mikhail Lomonosov” (Thomas). Played in the popular TV series “Maroseyka, 12”, “Turkish March”, “Luba, children and factory…”, etc. Now Valery Afanassiev involved in the project “Lev Yashin. The goalie of my dreams”, “Salsa”, “Revenge” etc.

Dmitry Orlov (Simon Firsov)
The series “Good intentions”: the actor Dmitry Orlov in the role of Seeds Firsova | russia.tv

Simon is the eldest of the children Firsova, ambitious and proud. Young guy fell in love with a dancer and, against his father’s will, married her. All my life, loving one wife, semen can not achieve from it reciprocity. All attempts to approach only alienates spouses from each other.

Actor Dmitry Orlov, the audience first saw in the continuation of the cult film “Brother”. Remember the role of the incorruptible policeman “Alexander Pavlovich” in the crime drama by Sergei Bodrov Jr.’s “Sisters”. In 2003, the actor played Marcello in the series “the Instructor.” High appraisal of the audience received the work of Dmitry Orlov in the TV series “Sea patrol” in which the actor played the captain of the marine police Melnikov. Starred in the melodrama “Made in USSR”, “the Winter waltz”, “Rare blood type”, etc.

Glafira Tarkhanov (Inga)
The series “Good intentions”: the actress Glafira Tarhanova in the role of Inga | russia.tv

Inga — the wife of the Seeds, sensitive and kind. Firsov family can not forgive the woman violent past. Outlet from unloved husband, and the drudgery of the house for Inga became a children’s circle dance, in which she teaches.

Inga in the TV series “Good intentions” was played by the actress of the Moscow theater “Satyricon” Glafira Tarhanova. The actress starred in more than 50 films. The most famous work of Glafira Tarhanova: Nastya Gromova (“Thunder”), Dunya (the”White crow”), Nadia Buryakov (“Test of love”), Lyudmila Shcherbakova (“Weak woman”). In 2015, the actress played the famous role — Dasha Schukin in a Comedy series “Betrayal”.

Olga Grishina (Julia)
The series “Good intentions”: the actress Olga Grishina in the role of Julia | russia.tv

Julia — the youngest of the children Firsov, capricious and spoiled. In childhood, Julia was left without a mother. Being the father of all girls moods led to bad consequences: Julia believes that all what he wants, should belong to her.

Julia in the TV series “Good intentions” played from Kiev Olga Grishina. The actress is known not only for work in the Ukrainian projects, but also for Russian cinema. Debuted on television in 2002 in a TV detective Anatoly Mateshko “Critical state”. In 2004, Olga Grishina played in the musical Comedy Maxim Papernika “12 chairs”. While working on the film young actress was lucky enough to visit on a film set with the masters, Nikolay Fomenko, Ilya Oleynikov, Olga Volkova, Lyudmila Gurchenko and others. critics and Viewers noted the work of the actress in the pictures “Greek”, “Central hospital”, “Forbidden love”, etc.

Yana Sobolevskaya (Natasha)
The series “Good intentions”: actress Yana Sobolevskaya in the role of Natasha | russia.tv

Natalia is the middle daughter Firsov senior. Though Natalia and married for love, but marriage did not bring her happiness. In the house of Natalia’s not all going well. Comfort women are only children: Sasha and Masha.

The role of Natalia in the series “Good intentions” performed by the actress of the Kiev theatre on the left Bank of Yana Sobolevskaya. The Russian audience actress known primarily for her role as Anna Sokolowski the crime series “Major”. Starred in the films “the Labyrinths of destiny”, “love on the pavement”, “Under the eye of love” and others Now in production are the pattern “City ass”, “Special”, “Crossroads” with the participation of Yana Sobolevskaya.

Andrey Barilo (Vlad)
The series “Good intentions”: the actor Andrey Barilo in the role of Vlad | russia.tv

Marrying Vlad, Natalia, and could not think what will become of her life. Vlad is a player and a spender. Natasha and then have to pull her husband out of trouble.

The role of Vlad in the TV series “Good intentions” was played by the actor of the Moscow theatre of Satire Andrey Barilo. Filmography of the actor has a total of 57 works in the movies. Most famous roles he got in the movie “Sofia” (Andrew Palaeologus), “hornet’s nest” (Vlad Danilov), “Copernicus” (Eugene Neklyudov), “Dasha” (Oleg Artemyev). and Now the actor starred in the films “Hotel happy hearts”, “Party” and “Copernicus” (season 6).

Mr Gorislavec (Bogdan Kliuchevskoi)
The series “Good intentions”: the actor Mr Gorislavec in the role of Bogdan Klyuchevskaya | russia.tv

Handsome Bogdan arrives in Sochi. Heart men claim the young Julia. Inviting Klyuchevskaya to build a house, Semyon did not imagine that his family life comes to an end.

The role of Lovelace Bogdan in the TV series “Good intentions” was played by Vladimir Gorislavets. The actor starred in 23 films. For the first time appeared on the screen in 2011 in the short film Taisia igumentseva the “Road to…”. Vladimir made his debut in the TV series “the Collectors”. The actor gained popularity after the role of pilot Igor Shapovalov in a TV drama “Embracing the sky”. The actor played the pilot in one picture — “Fighters. The last fight,” directed by Zinovy Roizman. Successfully transferred the image of the precinct in the movie “From Siberia with love”.

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