The series “Blue rose”: actors, roles, release date and trailer – 24???

6 August 2017 on the TV channel “Russia 1” starts displaying new melodrama directed by Timur Alpatov (“Grouse”, “undercover”) “Blue rose”. 10-a serial film starred famous actors: Nikolay Fomenko, Polina Kutepova, Viktor Rakov and many others.

The melodrama tells the story of love the scientist-biologist for the young woman. The events in the film happen in 1971 in Leningrad and Yalta. Can withstand the test love of such different people – you’ll see. Actors and the role of the series “the Blue rose” – in the material 24???.

Nikolai Fomenko (Alexander Korotkevich)
The series “Blue rose”: actor Nikolai Fomenko in the role of Alexander Korotkevich | rtr-vesti.ru

Soviet Leningrad, 1971. Alexander Korotkevich is engaged in research in the field of genetics. The hero turns 50 years old, life moved on to a new frontier. Ahead of the new open – career reached the highest point.

The main role in the series “Blue rose” played entertainer, actor, Nikolai Fomenko. Known to Fomenko came while participating in the pop group “Secret”. The actor was the presenter of the program “Morning mail”, “simple”, “50 blondes”. For the first time on the silver screen appeared in 1983 in the film Dmitry svetozarova “Speed”. Starred in the films “You’re pissing me off”, “Apostle”, “these Old broads”, etc. Nikolay Fomenko – the champion of Russia on a ring auto racing, master of sports on mountain skiing.

Polina Kutepova Actress Polina Kutepova in the series “Blue rose” | kino-teatr.ru

Personal life Alexander Korotkevich not as smooth as at work. Under the mask of well-being a scientist hides the loneliness marriage has failed.

Film debut of Polina Kutepova was held in 1981 in the film “Vasily and Vasilisa”. Early in his career, the young actress starred with twin sister Xenia. The artist was fortunate to work with a Director Nikolay Dostal, George Danelia, Alexander Hanoi etc. fame to Polina Kutepova came with the role syschitsa Pelagia in the series, Yuri Moroz “Pelagia and the white bulldog”, created on the bestselling book by Boris Akunin. The actress participated in 49 projects. Latest work Kutepova – short film “the Fourth”.

Ekaterina Rednikova Actress Ekaterina Rednikova in the series “Blue rose” | rtr-vesti.ru

Besides the fact that Alexander with his wife, strangers to each other people in the family of Karatkievi? there is one terrible secret. Scientist with his wife trying to hide from everyone, the only daughter, Olga, almost becomes an inveterate drunkard.

Actress Catherine Rednikova, who played in the TV series “Blue rose”, lived in the USA since 1997. Actively acted in Russian films. For her role in the film “the Thief” Pavel chuhraja received the award “Golden Aries” and “Nika”. Known among the audience the actress brought to the work in the film “mistress into maid”. After the nomination for “Oscar” picture “Thief,” the actress began to invite foreign films. Some of them are known and to the Russian audience: “Abduction”, “Archangel”, “Russian in city of angels.”

Viktor Rakov
Actor Victor Rakov in the series “Blue rose” | rtr-vesti.ru

KGB General Vyacheslav Zabelin, a close friend of Alexander Korotkevich, according to a scientist on the anniversary of that found in the Crimea, his longtime love, Kate.

Viktor Rakov starred in the series “the Blue rose”. The actor known for his roles in Soviet films “Akseleratka”, “Kill the dragon” “Mother” “And was there Carotene”. Became popular through the work of the first Russian TV series “St. Petersburg secrets” and “the Detectives”. Played in 118 scenes. Now the artist involved in the project “In the port of Cape town”, “Tobol”. Since 1984, Victor Rakov – the actor of theatre “Lenkom”.

Veronica Vernadskaya
Actress Veronica Vernadskaya in the series “Blue rose” | rtr-vesti.ru

Kate is a long – standing pain Alexander Korotkevich. Once, in the beginning of the war, the young scientist was deeply in love with the girl. Losing a loved one, for many years he did not lose hope to find her.

A young student of VGIK Veronica Vernadskaya managed to remember the audience. On account of 22-year-old actress has 32 work in film. For the first time appeared on the screen in 2008 in the film “Cow”. As a child, Veronica played the role in the TV series “Happy together”, “cold case”, “Wedding ring”. In 2011, the actress co-starred with keira Knightley and Arthur by Smolyaninova in the American film “Phantom”. Recent work Veronica Vernadsky: “Crazy”, “Eclipse”, “the Executioner”.

Mr Verevochkin
Actor Vladimir Verevochkin in the series “Blue rose” | kinolift.ru

Learning from Zabelina address lost them in the Crimea, Katie, Korotkevich decides to go home for a meeting with a longtime sweetheart.

Mr Verevochkin for the first time appeared on the screen in a cameo role in the movie “Photographer”. All the actor has starred in 16 films. In “Metamorphosis” and “Breathe” the young actor has played a major role. Currently working in four new projects: “Coal”, “Crossroads of love”, “Golden Horde” and “Return at any cost.” Romashova for her role in the play “the Fight” theatre Studio “Hyperion” Mr Verevochkin received a Special prize of the Second Moscow theatre festival.

Dmitry Blokhin
Actor Dmitry Blokhin in the series “Blue rose” | rtr-vesti.ru

Scientist Karatkevich did not even know that in Yalta it will be completely different meeting. Familiarity with a young woman will change the life of a scientist.

Dmitry Blokhin, who played in the TV series “Blue rose”, known to television viewers for a long time. Although he began to appear rather late, in 30 years, the series was popular: “Moscow Saga”, “the first circle”, “Doctor Zhivago”. In pictures the actor was fortunate to work on a film set with Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Inna Churikova, Vitaly Solomin and other famous artists of the Soviet and Russian cinema. Filmography of the actor includes more than 80 works in the movies. Now Dmitry Blokhin was in the pictures “Morozov”, “Forest”, “Clinic adoption”.

The series “Blue rose” – official trailer (video):