The series “Black blood”: actors with photos, plot, trailer and role – 24???

In the fall of 2017 on “Russia 1” starts serial romance Directors Alexei Karelin and Anna Erofeeva “Black blood”. The film was shot Ukrainian and Belarusian filmmakers. The plot of the series “Black blood” tells the story of sisters Irina and Olga Kotovich. Fate decreed that the two closest people in the world became sworn enemies.

In the film “Black blood” starred popular actors, Maria Poroshina, Tatyana Kolganova, Daria Shcherbakova, Igor Denisov. Actors and the role of the series “Black blood” – in the material edition 24???.

Evgenia Nokhrina (Ira in his youth)
The series “Black blood”: Eugene nokhrina actress in the role of the Ira in his youth | ruskino.ru

Sisters Irina and Olga live in peace and harmony in a small village.

Irina in his youth was played by the actress of the Moscow Provincial drama theatre Eugene Nokhrina. Despite his youth, Eugene managed to play in 16 scenes. Debut of the actress in the movie took place in 2013. Eugene then was lucky enough to get in a TV adaptation of Alexander Kuprin “the Pit” in which the actress starred in the role of Lena. Following the work of Eugene Nochinoi – starring role in the film “wings” (Masha). The audience remembered the Eugene Nokhrina for the role of Tony Finishing in the popular series “the fern Flower”.

Maria Pirogov (Olya in his youth)
The series “Black blood”: actress Maria Pirogov in the role of Oli in his youth | ruskino.ru

The world of the sisters fade, when they both fall in love with a recently arrived to visit their parents Vyacheslav.

Maria Pirogova, starring in the TV series “Black blood” in the title role, familiar to viewers primarily on the role of the daughter of Dr. Bykov in the Comedy series “Interns”. The actress played 20 roles in films, including: Aviator Juliana Sunshine in a military film “Night swallows”, Masha Balabin in an ironic detective “Balabol” dedicated to Dasha fantasy “Dark world: Equilibrium”. Many viewers associate Maria Pirogov role of the press Secretary “Bears” Olga Belova in the popular series “Junior”.

Maria Poroshina (Irina Kotova)
The series “Black blood”: actress Maria Poroshina as Irina Kotova | rtr-vesti.ru

Glory tells Irina that has long been in love with her. Communication with Olga guy called random and frivolous.

In the role of Irina in the TV series “Black blood” by Maria Poroshina. His first film role the actress played in the TV series “ABVGD Ltd” (1992-1994). The fame of Maria Poroshina brought the role of wife of Phil in the famous series by Alexey Sidorov the Brigade. The actress starred in the popular television series “Kamenskaya”, “the March Turkish”, “Site” etc. Conducted TV show “wide circle” on TV. Now Maria Poroshina involved in the project “Faina”. The last film with the actress – “Chesnochnitsy”, in which she played the role of Olga Rodionova.

Kolganova Tatiana (Olga Kotova)
The series “Black blood”: actress Tatyana Kolganova in the role of Olga Kotova | ruskino.ru

Olga could not accept the fact that the rejected lover. In desperation, she goes to the witch.

Tatyana Kolganova in the TV series “Black water” played the role of Olga Kotova. The audience began to know the actress after the role of Tatyana Zakharyevskoy in the series “Black crow”. In 2001, they released the 10 series the painting “Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin” by Donatas Banionis and Sergey Zhigunov in the lead roles. Tatyana Kolganova wonderfully played the role of Susan brown. Popular pictures with the actress “Chef”, “Klim”, “Alien nest”, “Doctor”, “Foundry”, etc.

Daria Shcherbakova (Alena)
The series “Black blood”: the actress Daria Shcherbakova in the role of Alena | vokrug.tv

Witch gives Olga a potion called “Black blood”. The girl gives him to drink, Vyacheslav.

The actress of theatre “At Nikitsky gate” Daria Shcherbakova starred in the TV series “Black water”. Debut of the actress in the movie took place in 2009. Daria starred in the role of Marfa Sobakina in the historical drama Andrei Eshpai “Ivan the terrible”. To date, filmography actress is 18 works. The most famous movies with Daria Shcherbakova: “Joker”, “Escape to return”, “Moscow Greyhound”. In 2013, the actress played the role of Zoya Khokhlova in the painting “the Hostess in the big city”.

Igor Denisov (Sergey Pankratov)
The series “Black blood” actor Igor Denisov in the role of Sergey Pankratov | kino-teatr.ru

Vyacheslav drugged Olga. The price of affliction will become the death of loved ones of Olga and Irina. The happiness of future children of Olga and Irina, too, may not happen.

Sergey Pankratov has played the Belarusian artist Igor Denisov. The actor has appeared in 92 films. Film debut took place in 1991 in the Belarusian painting of “Local”. Played in the movie “Children vanyuhina”, “two banks of the river”, “no regrets, No pain, no sorrow”, “White wolves”, etc. Now the artist is working in paintings, “Caspian 24”, “Weeping willow” and “Expropriator”.

Dmitry Bee (Slava Sokolov)
The series “Black blood” actor Dmitry Bee in the role of Glory Sokolova | rtr-vesti.ru

The years pass. Vyacheslav dropped a dope Olga. The man understands that to forget Irina can’t.

In the role of Glory Sokolova viewers of the TV series “Black blood” see him Bee. The famous actor brought the role of Yevgeny Trukhanov in the popular series “Katina love,” and Nikita Fomin in the drama “the Unloved”. Because of its attractive appearance, the artist enjoyed great success with the tele-viewers. He plays a romantic hero. Most famous role of the actor – Anton Karagod in the Ukrainian-Russian drama “Give my love”.

Anatoly Lobotsky
Actor Anatoly lobotsky in the TV series “Black blood”

Curse Kotovych brought on by witchcraft on the family of Olga, will disappear when white and black stone in the ring on the hand of Irene.

Anatoly lobotsky, starring in the TV series “Black blood”, known to viewers for her role as French translator Andre in the romance of Vladimir Menshov “envy of the gods”. In the film, the actor was terrific in the duet with Vera Alentova. He played the Novel Boukreev in one of the first Russian series “the little things of life.” Starred in the films “the Admiral”, “give me a Sunday”, “Bring back my love”, “Professional”, “practical joke”, “Mata Hari”, etc.

The series “Black blood” official trailer (video):