The secrets of success for every day of the week

Everyone strives for happiness and success. Using the energy of the planets you will be able to realize their dreams and achieve their goals faster.

Planets have a powerful energy, and each of them is gaining strength in specific day of the week, setting the rhythm for the day and provoking people to any action. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru gathered for you on every day of the week that will help you to achieve success in the shortest possible time.


The first day of the week is under the influence of the moon. She inspires strong emotion that creates a desire to care for and support others. To this day was successful for you, use the power of the moon to help him. The moon reveals intuitive abilities, allowing you to feel in which direction you should move for success. On Monday you can feel free to use the support of loved ones, sincerely telling them about the reason for his request.


Manager Tuesday is the Mars, which arouses the desire to act. In this day you need to give up a relaxing lifestyle and begin to implement the most daring ideas and projects. On Tuesday, it is desirable to make at least the first step to realization, to lay the Foundation for future achievements. Mars reveals the most powerful traits that will help you achieve your goal and success.


On Wednesday, the power of mercury will help you to realize your ideas. Planet that literally causes a person to exude energy, will help to achieve success through productive communication and a new perspective on their responsibilities. Wednesday — day adventure, risk and unexpected good luck, so save yourself from heavy thoughts and phrases and try to live this day with ease. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru believe that at this day come the most brilliant ideas that can bring immense success.


On Thursday, chief assistant in business will be Jupiter. This planet inspires them with optimism and generosity, so don’t miss the opportunity to address issues with their leadership, which on Thursday will be the most is to communicate. The planet has a positive effect on people, gives them the opportunity to negotiate and come to a compromise solution. That’s why Thursday astrologers considered day trades and constructive negotiations. Do not delay scheduled meetings, and you will definitely be lucky.


Friday is ruled by sensual Venus. This day since ancient times, is regarded as feminine, and the planet protector of the fair sex. If you want to achieve success on the love front, Friday will be the day for the realization of their own possibilities. Make compliments and do not skimp on the smiles. Astrologers say that Friday is the day of love and understanding. Show all your best traits, be polite, and you will be able to achieve success in latest weekday.


On Saturday the initiative intercepts Saturn, the planet of karmic and strict. In this regard, to succeed Saturday, will those who are cautious and prudent. In this day of strict consistency and reasonableness of your actions will eliminate the errors and mistakes. Saturn can provoke tension in the relations between people, to arouse suspicion, therefore, complacent attitude in dealing with a potential employer, business partner, co-founder of will help you to achieve the desired results.


Solar energy Sunday charging people with vivacity. This time is intended for active rest after hard work and easy communication with loved ones. However, even in this traditionally a day off, day of the week you have the opportunity to succeed, using the energy of the Sun. It is able to show us the true “I” of each. Attention and competent actions will help you to enlist the support of influential persons, to find sponsors, supporters and other people who will help you to realize all the ideas and projects.

The energy of each planet unique. They are protectors not only of the days of the week, but the Signs of the Zodiac. To know which planet and how it affects you, you can go to our website dailyhoro.ru. Remember that success is a lot of strong and bold personalities.