The secret of abundance: 5 universal laws of money

If people do not believe in the possibility of the Universe, then it would not open them the secrets of abundance and wealth. It is there, energy of the cosmos and the hidden sources of prosperity and enrichment. And they are available to everyone!

The word “wealth” — especially in terms of content, cognate to the word of God. Rich only one who knows the Divine truth and the natural laws of the Universe and the universe. You can search for a thousand reasons, and to renounce the foregone conclusion of events in my life, but at the forefront is always a cosmic energy. Unfortunately we were not taught to work with the subtle energies that permeate everything. But the strength of each person to solve the mystery and forever change their biased attitude towards money.

The secret of abundance or the energy of money

When speaking about energy we mean the Highest power, due to which there are certain changes on the Ground. Naturally, money is one of the variations of higher energy, which found its embodiment in banknotes, coins and other jewelry.

Energy flows inherently are not something negative or positive. Energy is always neutral, negative or positive color give her our thoughts and feelings. In other words we are launching the activation energy in life is just starting with her direct interaction.

Money energy can enrich and destroy. All dependent on personal thoughts and reactions. For example, if you think money is something indecent, sinful and harmful, they can blacken your soul. On the other side is the opinion on material resources, how about something light, affordable, happy. Such thoughts will enrich you, will help to attract happiness, to make the surrounding area a cleaner, better and change the world for the sake of their desires.

Five universal laws of money

1. The stronger the energy, the wider range of possibilities. The first law of the universe reports that the money should be treated with respect and all my thanks. Happiness can not buy, but you can purchase those same opportunities, which will be available to you that same happiness. It is the material resources give people the potential to be successful, to be wealthy, to have an advantage, purchase necessary, to achieve material and spiritual fulfillment. And the stronger your own energy than it cleaner, the more opportunities you will be surrounded by, the stronger will be the energy of money.

2. Attentiveness to thoughts. A key element in raising money is our immediate focus, full control over thoughts. What thought processes are we on the mental level affect our lives. It is very important to weed out the negative, to re-educate the psychology of poverty in the psychology of wealth.

3. Energy is obedient, and the universe is abundant. Feel free to dream about the financial success about the fast enrichment. Exactly what you will attract into your life the energy of prosperity and well-being. The universe is abundant and aspirations of each person tend to be. Another question is whether you are able to make a wish? It is the clear idea of what you want to achieve and acquire is the key to a successful and happy life. Think about money without shame or compunction, forcing the bad omens and negative programs, imposed on us by social stereotypes. Stay away from those who believe that to be rich is a Vice.

4. Need to become a money magnet. The more you focus on the energy of abundance, the stronger your message to the Universe. In other words, you cannot stop and rest on our laurels. In order to attract money, you must draw their attention to himself. What is a good prayer, rituals, money affirmations and spiritual practices. You must learn to feel the subtle energy of well-being, drawing her reciprocal interest.

5. Forget about the state of the debtor. In order to become rich and successful, there are many practices and techniques. Unfortunately most of them fail because people don’t tend to leave the state of the debtor. The money must be always in active circulation. One must pass from hand to hand, each time working with different energy sources. Otherwise, the cash flows just lose their positive properties. Therefore, the last and the basic law of prosperity says: “give me the money in joy”. That means you always have to say goodbye to the money happily. Paying bills, paying debt or giving in return for paying for purchases or utility bills, you cannot regret that the material resources left you. Only transferred in the joy of the money back that it will launch the principle of attracting money energy.

To be rich or poor you decide. The universe is full of mysteries, one of which you already solved. Only by following in the footsteps of well-being and the main laws of the universe you can attract the money. We wish you prosperity, success. Be happy