The Scientologists appealed to the channel with an open letter

Access to the TV channel A & E program Leah remini of the destructive influence of Scientology is not like the head of the sect. As reported by the Western media ahead of the show Kerin Pauw wrote a threatening letter to the Executive producer of the upcoming TV program.

“The program of our religion, which is the leading MS remini is fated to become a cheap reality show. We understand that the actress is already far from the peak of his career, which was more than ten years ago. If you have nothing better to brag about it and move on, the best she came up with – allegedly to share memories from the past. She was driven and full of resentment, she was bitter that she is no longer one of us. Instead of let it go, remini cherished a hatred, turning into a horrible, evil ex-Scientologist who, as she once swore she’d never become.
Since 2013, remini uses his hatred of Scientology and his former affiliation to the Church as the main source of income.. She claimed that their own left us, failed to mention the conflict with our leader.
If you want to be honest with the audience, you should reconsider the name of the program and rename it to “remini: Desperately needing attention and money””reads the open letter.

Source: http://radaronline.com
Photo: http://radaronline.com

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