The schedule of magnetic storms on October 2017

The first month of autumn has brought all of us a lot of problems. In October the Sun will be relatively quiet, so do not expect a serious magnetic storms. Despite the relative calm, we are waiting for some surprises.

Of course, in today’s world magnetic activity of the Earth because the solar wind is rarely a surprise. Weather-sensitive people can determine the most dangerous days in any coming month.

Possible magnetic storms

Maybe the solar wind will cause excitation of the magnetosphere on October 1. It will be the effects of a severe outbreaks, in late September. The likelihood that the institution will grow into a storm, equal to about 2%, which is very little.

Also worth noting is the possible excitation of the Earth’s magnetosphere in the period from 23 to 26 October. In these days of possible storm first level or a long period of excitation. Analysis of the spots on the Sun until you can give an exact answer, but the probability of occurrence of the storm will be about 10%.

A magnetic storm from 11 to 14 October

Solar wind caused by a solar flare on 9 October, will reach Earth about October 11. The negative impact will be immediately quite strong. Almost all weather-sensitive people already by the second day magnetic excitation will feel this impact. To lighten the mood will help you the right vacation — fresh air, meditation, relaxation.

Since the storm will be protracted, every day keep going heavier and heavier. Even healthy people may feel this pressure from the outside. Fatigue will be high. It may seem that everything is against you, but there is no load of problems you will not break properly if you will set up.

Increase energy by any means: this will help water treatments, walking, meeting nice people, playing your hobby. Your health always depends more on you, so don’t try to look for reasons — look for solutions to the problems.