The schedule of magnetic storms on November 2017

Turbulent magnetosphere of the Earth affects our health. In periods of geomagnetic disturbances it is necessary to protect your body to avoid serious illnesses. Knowing which days we expect magnetic storms, you can prepare in advance.

Monthly solar flares have a negative impact on people. For some of us, these periods are invisible, but weather-sensitive people sometimes are very hard to survive this time. The team dailyhoro.ru made for you the schedule of magnetic storms on Nov. With his help you will learn which days the magnetosphere will be restless and will be able to avoid factors that adversely affect your body.

A magnetic storm from 7th until 11th November

Unfortunately, a powerful magnetic storm is awaiting us already at the beginning of the month. 7 November there will be a strong solar flare and the end of this period will only be 11 Nov. Despite the fact that it will last only 4 days, even for such a short time, you can suffer severe deterioration. During this period, try to avoid strong stress, overexertion and lack of sleep. Protect yourself from energy vampires, because throughout these four days you will need strength and energy.

Protracted magnetic storms are particularly bad for our mental health, so avoid negative emotions and negative thoughts. Will help you a positive attitude, good impressions and pleasant memories. No less attention is paid to communication with other people, because sometimes even the smiles of our family and friends are able to raise our mood for the whole day.

Magnetic storm on 21-22 November 2017

When you more or less recover after the first wave of magnetic storms, do not relax: already 21 of us waiting for the next solar flare, and will complete the period of magnetic storms on November 23. Again you may feel unwell and depressed. In those days, it is possible exacerbation of chronic diseases, so avoid what might provoke them. At this time, it is desirable to postpone all the important things that require strong physical exertion, and sports fans will have to give up heavy exercise: weakness and fatigue during magnetic storms only hurt you.

Possible magnetic storms in November

Even during a weak magnetic vibrations you can feel the deterioration. Magnetic variations are possible 15, 24 and 29 November. Try to reduce the load on your body, and this first and foremost abstain from harmful habits. During this period you may notice a sharp loss of sleep. In this case, you will help soothing herbal tea. Also try to avoid colds. Magnetic storms have a negative impact on our health, and even the common cold can make us ill.

How to protect health during magnetic storms

Of course, during disturbances of the magnetosphere is very difficult to completely protect your health. However, if you take all the necessary measures, you can reduce the risk of deterioration. For this you will need:

to avoid conflicts and stressful situations;
spend more time outdoors;
make soothing teas and broths;
eat right and totally avoid fatty and fried foods;
in case you really don’t feel good you should visit your physician;
to monitor your blood pressure;
completely abandon the bad habits;
to avoid factors that aggravate you appearance of chronic diseases.

If you have pre-prepared and take all necessary measures, the periods of magnetic storms will not bring you any harm, and may even pass by unnoticed.

A small geomagnetic fluctuations, as well as strong magnetic storms that could harm your health. If you know how to protect your body, so you’ll be able to relive them much easier. Let your life full of harmony,