The scandal with Andrey Malakhov has made a real shock to the stars of showbiz

Many of the stars of show business in Russia really are in a state of shock associated with the scandal associated with Andrey Malakhov. Many media reported, he leaves a “channel” with absolute certainty.


Yet Malakhov in an official release, which will last until next week. Rumors of his departure he has not yet commented. At the same time many of the experts in the world of show business reported, the decision was made in April.

Comments of the national stars on this fact very different. Maria Arbatova stated that the replacement Malakhov is idiocy. In this he received support from Larisa Guzeeva, who this presenter is a true professional and good guy of steel “to break”.

Many do not rule out the place of Malakhov on the “First” will be given to Rustam Solntsev. He, in his words, not sure that he can act as a decent replacement Malakhov, but if it is offered, it will not give up.

Malakhov, as the lead in the project “Let them talk”, he called as a “charming man”, which to detail and knows his stuff and has the ability to engage the interviewee in a meaningful dialogue.

As noted by the sun, Malakhov could spend smoothing arising on the transfer of conflicts, and often pulled this program, virtually “on itself”.

Yet representatives of the First channel is not made any confirmations, no denials that Malakhov is retiring from his program. The stars of show business waits for some clarity on the issue after his return from vacation.