The sacred number of your name determined your strengths with the help of numerology

Numerology name is a division of the ancient science of numbers and their energy. Each name corresponds to a particular sacred number, calculate which will not be difficult.

Numerology of birth is not less important, but immutable, because it is completely confined to your birth. The name of the same person can change. This changes not only his attitude, but also destiny, because the name is the most powerful that we have.

Calculate the sacred number

Consider the calculation of the example name is Tatiana.

The calculation starts with determining the length of your full name. If it is 7 or more letters, then your intermediate number is equal to 3. That is, to the sacred number three added. Otherwise, the write unit.
If your name begins with a vowel, the intermediate sacral number will be 3. If the name begins with a consonant, then write one.
If vowels more than consonants, to the sacred number 2 is added. In the reverse situation, the number remains unchanged.
There is another very important point. If you have the same name as your father or mother, to the resulting number add another deuce.
At the end count the number of letters in the name and add to the sacred number.

So, in the name Tatiana 7 letters, then start the calculation with three. Name starts with a consonant: 3+1=4. Consonants more than vowels, so everything remains unchanged. Last step: let’s say that Tatiana’s mother’s name as well, therefore, to 4 and added 2 more. The number of letters in the name Tatiana — 7. In the end, sacred number 6+7=13.

The maximum number can be greater than 10, and numbers to decrypt only 9 in numerology. The solution to this problem is standard — put the figures until then, until you get a number from 1 to 9. 1+3=4. Total — 4.

Transcript of sacred numbers name

Unit. If you have a unit in the course of the calculation, your strength is punctuality, honesty and hard work. Starting in order, I should say a few words about punctuality. It concerns not only the ability not to be late on dates, at work and anywhere else. Your punctuality has deeper roots, because you’re able to promptly make important decisions. Honesty is also not simple from you because you are honest with yourself. You are well versed in their fears. Hard work is expressed in your ability to force yourself to do something will depend not only your fate, but the fate of your loved ones.

Deuce. If your sacred number two, then your strong side — psychology, empathy. You can feel what other people feel, so you have a lot of friends, you often respected even by enemies. You are generous, but sometimes can be cruel. Another strong point of people like you, is a developed sense of responsibility. You can and always know how to prioritize. You are a true diplomat. Your calling — a collaboration. You are a creative person, capable of ordinary things to create something unique.

Three. You are highly spiritual man. You are a wonderful mentor, a great leader and teacher. Such people carry the burden of responsibility for the transfer of traditions from one generation to another. You are able to absorb information like a sponge absorbs water. You have an excellent memory, highly developed lateral thinking. If your number is 3, then you have another special, but a little ability you feel for people who are trying to use.

Four. The sacred number 4 says about your powers of persuasion. You can convince people they are wrong without conflict. You’re operating on facts and not miss anything. Four is the sign of a man who knows how and can change very quickly. You are flexible in terms of life goals, you are able to choose. Another one of your strengths is the ability to live in a big family, and in solitude. You are completely independent from what your surroundings. No one can change you, because it is only yourself.

Five. Sacred number five suggests some versatility, and break-even. You are truly versatile, capable of many things in many different areas of life. If you want something really hard, you can succeed very quickly. Defeat self-doubt to become the best.

Six. This number suggests that your name gives you the ability to correctly perceive the time frame. You are growing up fast and in time understand that we are moving in the wrong direction, or confused. Like you, mentors are not needed since childhood. You get to Olympus so that we could watch on their enemies. In order not to lose all the achievements you previously, don’t try to act based on revenge, greed. Your strength is that you are acting for the benefit of others. This saves your fortune.

Seven. The number seven is the second spiritual. Your strength is finding faith and the meaning of life. Perhaps it takes always a little time, but the result inspires you. Most of your life you feel that you live. You are able to find joy in the little things. Yet you know of any negative life experiences effectively to transform into wisdom. Any problems for you in most cases occur only once.

Eight. If that’s your sacred number name, your strength is thinking outside the box. Most of the great musicians, writers, artists and poets had the same sacred number. In addition, your advantage over others lies in the incredibly strong self-criticism, but not bordering on the absurd. Through trial and error you are able to achieve very good results in all.

Nine. Your will power is the main advantage. You are able to the fact that is not capable of most people. You can easily be able to get away from the bad habits, because you always have special motivation. You are not doing anything just like that, even if you think so. The universe provides you with a special power, not only moral but also physical. Most people with the sacred number 9 great immunity, good health.

Each number has its advantages. Regardless of the number of increase your energy day by day, allowing yourself to think only in the right direction, it is only constructive thoughts lead us to success and harmony.