The romantic Comedy “You will be mine” will be shown in St. Petersburg for Valentine’s Day

February 11, the eve of Valentine’s Day in DK.Gorky will present the premiere of the romantic Comedy for the soul “You will be mine”.

Being drunk due to the premature death of his wife, Max Romanov floods the downstairs neighbor — Katya. Max is going to pay off the money, but she recognizes him as a famous artist who love. Now she doesn’t want money, she only needs Max — by any hook or by crook. But Max knows how to behave with such profitability for celebrities, with his bare hands do not take!


Denis Matrosov (“Carmelita”, “House with the lilies”, “Householder”,
“Give me life”, “the Cuckoo”, “I’m not afraid anymore”, “Fatal inheritance”, “Two fates”, “Scavenger”, etc.)
Ekaterina Volkova (“Voroniny”, “Luba, children and factory”, “Montecristo”, “Adjutants of love”, “Who’s the boss”, “Montecristo”, “I remain”, etc.)
Polina Borunova (“drop dead diva”, “Always say always”, “Bagicha”, “Airport 2”, “Kulagin and partners”, “Rublevka Live”, etc.)

Director: Igor Mochalov
Running time: 2 hour 00 minutes with intermission.
Age limit 16+

You can buy tickets on the websites:


11 February, 19.00, DK im.Bitter, Stachek square, D. 4.