The return of Marina Testamony on the TV show “House 2” was in violation of the rules

So, viewers put a lot of effort to Abramson-senior left the project, but the hopes of the audience that the woman will not return to screens did not materialize, although on the basis of the newly adopted rules, the participant who sent the gate, not due to continue to return to participate in the reality show, the website life-dom2.su.

Barely in the clearing appeared spouses Responsibility with his daughter Marina Christianovna back after them. And if at first the woman was playing an exemplary grandmother, but now she obviously got bored. If it goes on, Abramson will again backslide, forgetting about the good intentions to help the young and educate granddaughter.

“There already fit Tristanne to help. Blumenkranz dumped his beloved child in a bad grandmother and I think it’s for a favor. Valera yelled the loudest that he will sit with his daughter. But then Valerenga ora in the vows it does not matter. Again, with the most expensive for the couple Blumenkranz gold baby hated sitting grandma” – shared his observations the fans youth telestroke.