The Republican party will cease funding the campaign of Donald trump

The Republican party leadership of the United States of America talks about how to stop funding the presidential campaign of their candidate Donald trump and even “cut it off” from their political force.

Dozens of senior party leadership signed a letter urging the National Committee of the Republican party to suspend funding of the presidential candidate. Instead, they need to redirect funds to support congressmen to vote in favor of which are under threat.
Under the official letter was signed by over seventy former members of Congress and civilian employees Respublikanskoi party. Insiders claim that the political force which nominated trump a long time not happy with his choice, and after the speech of Donald in Cleveland in July of last year, Republicans have not “lost millions of voters” because of “offensive statements” odious policy.
“Every dollar that is spent on a campaign of Donald trump, it’s money thrown to the wind. The chances of seeing him in the post of President of the United States are evaporating with each passing day, so the decision should not be difficult” — according to the party. In particular, I remember Trump his attacks on the families of the fallen in battle American soldiers and refusing to disclose their tax returns.
“After he ridiculed and insulted millions of voters, including Muslims, the disabled, immigrants, women, he built a campaign on anger, racism and alienation. He also filed an unhealthy and dangerous authoritarian tendencies, for example, expressed a desire to prohibit the entry into their country of people based on religious affiliation, and called on to other unconstitutional actions” — have informed in the Republican party.

Source: http://www.usmagazine.com
Photo: http://www.usmagazine.com

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