The relationship of Tom Hiddleston and Taylor swift is nearing completion

After a couple of weeks after breaking up with Calvin Harris, Taylor swift was spotted in the company of Brit Tom Hiddleston. Despite the fact that the paparazzi photographed the beginning of a relationship couples who already at that stage it seemed that everything is moving too fast.

Many fans of the couple, secular observers and ordinary netizens predicted that as fast as everything started, as soon all will end. I think they were correct in their predictions. Paired Middlewight there is a scandal that could put an end to this relationship.

The cause of quarrels and Tom Taylor became her desire to get married, while actor is not ready to make a lady an offer of marriage.

“Swift is eager to get married before it’s too late,” says the informant. “Tom, on the contrary wants it to be over”.

By the way, the reason for the gap of the pair can serve as the Taylor flirting with another guy at the birthday party of her best friend Karlie Kloss.

Swift got the camera when she kissed some Mike Hess – boy’s friend Karlie Kloss.

“Taylor was in a great mood, she partied all night, danced until enough forces. Swift did not want to speak at the birthday party, but a little “palamusel,” agreed. Everyone was surprised and happy,” said the informant.


Source: aceshowbiz.com, aceshowbiz.com
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