The relationship between Nikita Kuznetsov and Darina Markina on the verge of collapse

So, for a long time in the Perimeter debated topic of the relationship of Nikita Kuznetsov and Eugenia Alevai. Despite the fact that the man Darin says that between him and Zhenya is nothing, many viewers are convinced of the opposite. Doubt itself Markin, but after the revelations of Liberi “wash” Nikitos will be extremely difficult, the website life-dom2.su.

Specially for the magazine “House 2” Liberi gave a Frank interview where he told about the passion that has always raged in the relationship of Nikita and Zhenya. If you believe the mulatto, it is not necessary to exclude not only the companionship of the couple, but with*KSA between them. Especially before meeting with Darina Kuznetsov often practiced the so-called “s*KS on friendship” with his ex-girlfriend.

“The funny thing is that in real time this Alayev a week ago said they hadn’t seen Kuznetsov, and the topic being discussed” – suggested viewers “House 2”.