The rehab’s employees illegally not given to his wife to save Maranova

They were aware of a floating blood clot

Journalists tried to reconstruct the history of the last days of Dmitry Maryanova. According to some, after another binge the actor was taken to the rehabilitation centre “the Phoenix” 6 Oct. The establishment operated without a license in an ordinary suburban house in the city Lobnya. The psychiatrist has established the patient an IV with magnesium and vitamin B6. At the same time found that the artist has memory lapses, and after a while started having problems with the veins.

The clinic staff knew that a year ago I Maranova found floating thrombus, and thromboembolic events were delivered by special filter. Oct 15, wife of actor Xenia BIC came to sign the contract for the provision of medical services. After the disturbing words about his status from “duty nurse,” she wanted to take her husband for examination in the 63rd hospital. Then they never got to see, and some hours later the actor died, according to ren.tv.